Youth Vision is a online 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Wyoming  that was developed to give our youth grades 7th through 12th the opportunity to see their ideas come to life through writing and publishing their own books.  Youth Vision's goal is to build a life long commitment of reading and writing back in the hearts of youth.  This opportunity will enhance youth's curiosity about reading and writing to a whole new level while embracing education. Our platform is to provide the "how to" teaching tools for each youth. This consists of a step-by-step tutorial workbook along with a CD navigating from the introduction to the conclusion of writing their first novel. Writing will give our youth confidence and a sense of achievement.  Our goal is to put the power and a sense of accomplishment behind the pen and back in the hearts of our youth. 


The mission of Youth Vision is to encourage youth of all ages to develop their full creative potential through the experience of reading and writing. We strive through reading and writing, to create a unique environment in which our youth will experience a sense of pride, confidence, a sense of accomplishment and power that all things in life are achievable. Youth Vision provides a challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful way to bring the imagination of every youth's ideas to life.